Join Me In Atlanta, GA for this 4 Day Live Training Event I will share the secrets to Getting Paid for What You Already Know!

You’ve worked hard to create a phenomenal career. You’ve invested years in study and thousands of dollars in certifications. You’ve dedicated yourself to perfecting your craft. As a professional in your field you have been a trailblazer. You’ve created a reputation for being an excellent service provider and you work very hard to generate income to maintain the lifestyle you’ve become accustomed to.

Even with all of your success, there is a gnawing inside. A deep knowing that there has to be more to this. Where is the other side of this journey, where you can travel, give time to those precious projects you’ve always wanted to support, without sacrificing your lifestyle due to income.

You thought you did everything according to the plan. First, you've spent years upon years studying and getting practical knowledge to be the absolute expert in your field. Then, work hard and earn as much money as possible. While at the same time, investing smart, saving and creating that proverbial American dream - house, 2.5 kids, the white picket fence. You did everything right.

As you know, the world is changing. 2008 happened. The retirement you built, took a heavy hit. The cost of living increased while employers passed out pink slips and asked you to work for wages you made 10 years ago. If you are in the health field, medical reimbursements rates are down and you now have to see many more patients to earn the same income. I know that you’re reaching a stage in your life where there are many things you want to do but can’t because you still need to earn money.

What if I told you that by organizing your knowledge and your expertise and applying systematic strategies, you can make money while you sleep? I’m ready to teach you how. I can teach you how you can make as much money as you made when you were choosing to work twice as many hours as you do now. This time, let’s trade knowledge for dollars instead of hours for dollars, that old paradigm that is dwindling away.

It may sound strange and maybe even too good to be true but I want to let you know, its real and possible in a short period of time – some people do it in a year, some in 6 months, some in 6 weeks!

I know it for sure – I’m doing it and helping many who are just like you to do it too.

I’m talking about helping those that have a lot of digits behind their name. Multiple certifications – studied and studied and studied to know their field inside and out. Those that would spend hours and hours in training to stay up on the latest in their field. Well don’t wake up behind the curve. There is a movement now and you want to be on the front side of the wave. Where true wealth is built. Remember back in the early 1900’s when the wealth of families like the Rockefellers, Carnegie, Schwab, and Wannamaker were built? They seized the opportunity of the shift that was happening. Isn’t it your time to do the same thing?

I remember when I first figured this out for myself. I was home with my mother who had recently had her first stroke. My 16-year-old daughter was about to have a baby. Working outside my home was not an option. But then my savings disappeared and I couldn’t pay attention to my business and my income dried up.

But my phone was still ringing.

CEO’s, managers, entrepreneurs, friends and family were calling me to ask what to do. Yet, I remember hanging up the phone and realizing I was advising a 20 million dollar company but I don’t know how I was going to pay my electric bill. Can you imagine the embarrassment I felt? Here I was, a seasoned professional that took a company public before the age of 30 but couldn’t pay my electric bill? Have you ever felt embarrassment or guilt wondering how did I get here?

Thankfully, the embarrassment is over. The guilt has subsided. And now I know. I know how I’m creating more wealth and more opportunities for those that want to get paid for the wealth of knowledge that they’ve amassed over the years.

Now I know how to have clients searching for me. Ready to hand me money.

Now I have new speaking opportunities (people pay me to hear what I have to say) because this special knowledge is cutting edge and allowing deserving professionals to reclaim their lives again.

Now I have Fortune 500 companies offering me sponsorships because they recognize I know what I know and I’m not only doing it for myself I’m teaching others. They want a piece of my action.

 What would you do if you could fully replace your current income?

Would you keep doing what you are doing?

Would you spend more time doing the things you love?

Would you start on some new initiatives and project you’ve been thinking about but haven’t had the time or the support to make happen?

Isn’t just the thought of having flexibility worth taking a look?

I’d like to invite you to come spend 4 days with me and I will teach you my blueprint for getting paid for what you know. What you already know.

This is not network marketing. It’s not any other kind of “get rich quick scheme.” Nor is it anything you might think of as beneath you.

This is about one subject: learning different ways to make money with your wealth of expertise and knowledge. It’s about how to get paid for what you already know. I currently have 18 possible streams of income. Yes, really. Eighteen different ways I can be compensated for the same knowledge.

Over the years I’ve taught pastors, professors, musicians, artists, retired professional athletes, members of the finance industry, designers, salespeople in 25 different countries how to turn their expertise into multiple streams of income.

During my 3-day live event I’m going to show you how you can apply the same strategies I’ve used so that you can earn more money in multiple ways that will allow you the freedom and flexibility you’ve been longing for.

Isn’t it time? Haven’t you worked hard long enough? Aren’t you ready to take things easier? To spend more time enjoying the things you’ve collected? To spend more time with friends and family? To earn income while you sleep? Don’t you deserve it?

If you’re ready to see what’s possible, if you’re ready to meet clients I’ve made this kind of difference for, if you’re ready to claim the next several months as the best for income opportunities, join me live in Atlanta, GA.

What You Will Learn At This Event

The over 20 different revenue streams (I am currently using 18) to get paid leveraging your knowledge and expertise

How to package your knowledge to maximize your income generating capabilities

How to create a living voice that continues to build followers, and generate income even while you sleep

The Art of Strategic Communicative Sequencing – Position yourself very quickly as the authority in your field

The Art of Personalized Automation- How to set up automation so your audience feels you not some machine and truly add a digit to your income.

Meet my Illuminators – Those that come before you and are using my strategies to take control of their lives, generate great income and live a life of freedom.

Special Guests – Exciting panels of those that have transitioned from using their expertise the traditional way to taking charge of their lives. Each of these special guests have implemented one or more of these strategies into their business and are doing it in a BIG way!

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Register for Illumination Live! If at the end of the 3 days you don’t feel like you are absolutely blown away with the opportunities you can now implement into your life , give the event manager your event materials and ask for your 100 % refund, we will be happy to do so. This will be the best step by step blueprint and training to get paid for what you already know and using your "celebrity" that you ever had or I will give your money back. I’m that sure, it works to my clients over and over again and it will work for you.

  • My Private Facebook Community. This is a community of people that are implementing my strategies and become invested in each other's success. The value of this community is priceless.
  • Complete Recording of the event available online so you can get back to my training over and over again. I know that many people get overwhelmed when presented with so much information. I will not let you get to overwhelm. These recordings will be broken down in bite size chunks with worksheets, etc... everything you need to implement these strategies and start an enhanced way of life.
  • Secrets of My Success CD - I haven't released this CD yet to the public. This cd has some awesome interviews with entertainers, business owners, entrepreneurs and I get them to spill the real struggles and successes. You are going to love this CD!

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